FotoFinder Digitální Dermatoskop ATBM MASTER 4th Generation
Vyšetření znamének s využitím AI


  • Rychlé a přesné celotělové vyšetření znamének s funkcí Mosaic
  • Automatické seřazení všech znamének do šachovnice podle velikosti a změny v čase.
  • Umělá inteligence při vyhodnocování znamének pouze s FotoFinderem.
  • Přesnost a obrazová dokonalost. Již z přehledového snímku získáváte dermatoskopický obraz.
  • Polarizované přehledové i mikroskopické snímky bez odlesků.


  • Dermatoskopie
  • Trichoskopie
  • TrichoLab – bez stříhání vlasů
  • Estetika
  • Psoriasa – PASI scan skórování


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ATBM master 4th Generation

Skin imaging reinvented.

The new ATBM master generation not only captures stunning images but also understands your needs.

It delivers exceptional results, streamlined workflows and advanced AI capabilities, allowing to combine Total Body Dermoscopy, psoriasis documentation and aesthetic imaging all in one system.

More intelligence and speed
FotoFinder introduces ATBM master 4th Generation

The next revolution in skin imaging where intelligence meets brilliance and workflows reach new levels of efficiency. Say hello to our cutting-edge imaging device, designed to redefine the way you work in Total Body Dermoscopy, psoriasis management and aesthetic imaging!

Optimize your workflows
Streamlined workflows are the heart of the ATBM master innovation

We understand that time is the essence in a busy clinic, and that’s why we’ve optimized every aspect of the device’s functionality from skin visualization to patient management.

With its new features for Total Body Mapping and Dermoscopy as well as the reengineered medicam 1000s, the ATBM master 4th Generation is your reliable partner for early detection of skin changes. By adding the aesthetics software module and the PolFlash XE with new zoom motor you will be able to plan aesthetic treatments and capture brilliant before and after pictures for any procedure. Last but not least, add the PASIscan to benefit from computerized PASI assessment.

Total Body Dermoscopy

With Polflash XE, Bodyscan, Mosaic View and medicam 1000s, you can quickly detect skin changes the earliest possible way.


Psoriasis Documentation

FotoFinder PASIscan is a groundbreaking system that enables computer-aided and objective PASI assessment.


New: Aesthetic Imaging

The ATBM master DX version’s zoom motor and new aesthetic features create brilliant before and afters and boost your consultations.


New: Dashboard

The brand-new ATBM master Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your patient management system including statistics.


New: MoleGallery

The new MoleGallery visualizes the complete mole history at a glance – for a faster evaluation of lesion evolution, including AI Score.


New: AIMEE AI Assistant

AIMEE is your virtual AI Assistant for the pre-assessment of skin lesions. It can help improve decision making and speeds up dermoscopy.

Celotělová dermatoskopie

Inteligentní multifunkční platforma s elegantním designem je novým měřítkem z hlediska elegance a uživatelské ergonomie – je všestranně použitelná, s moduly pro  estetiku, konzultaci vlasů, a dokumentaci lupénky pomocí jedinečného PASI scanu.


medicam 1000s
Performance and quality redefined.

The reengineered medicam 1000s delivers sharper images and enhanced optical zoom, with refined software control for faster performance.

Unveiling amazing details in the clinical image

Experience the extraordinary capabilities of the ATBM master 4th Gen, combining high-resolution, polarized and RAW-processed photos with advanced image processing. As a result, you can see skin lesions at amazing detail already in the clinical image. Use the medicam 1000s video dermatoscope for lesions that require further examination and embark on a visual journey through the structures of the skin.

New Dashboard

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with the new Dashboard, the ATBM master cockpit that provides a comprehensive overview of patients and sessions. Access meaningful statistics and insights at a glance, empowering precise and efficient management of your mole practice or clinic.

The Mosaic of Moles

Unmask the „ugly duckling“ with the unique Total Body Dermoscopy workflow! The Bodyscan master filters a patient’s lesions from ALL total body images and organizes them intelligently on ONE screen, sorted by localization or by category – new, changed and unchanged. This Mosaic View helps you to quickly identify atypical lesions.

New Mole Gallery
to speed up your workflow

Enhance your dermoscopy and mole mapping workflow with the new Mole Gallery. See the evolution of lesions in a comprehensive timeline at a glance and receive the corresponding AI Score immediately. This visualization of mole history saves time and enriches your diagnostic capabilities.

Your new AI Assistant

Discover AIMEE, your new Assistant for Artificial Intelligence Mole Examination and Evaluation, powered by FotoFinder AI: AIMEE is revolutionizing the pre-assessment of lesions and streamlining your dermoscopy workflow. AIMEE speeds up lesion evaluation and decision-making by dermatologists and serves as a valuable training tool.


Visualize the difference in aesthetics

The ATBM master DX features for aesthetics make your master even more multifunctional! Benefit from automated camera positioning and FotoFinder Guided Photography to capture brilliant before and after photos that vividly showcase the progress and success of facial, body contouring and leg vein procedures. The computer-controlled PolFlash XE system provides cross-polarized, reflection-free images and non-polarized photos with studio lighting. Additionally, the new zoom motor adjusts the focal length based on the selected Guided Photography template, ensuring consistent results.

During consultations, leverage the power of the Proposer tool to visualize pigmentation and redness, while utilizing the customizable product and treatment database to personalize your treatment recommendations.

Unleash the full power of your ATBM master

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